A comprehensive Solution

Providing a comprehensive solution, we address all your needs with expertise and precision.

CAR Evaluation

With the aid of our advanced transfection and analytical tools, we offer a robust service for CAR efficiency control. We will transduce or transfect your CAR into our specialized cells, followed by a meticulous assessment of its targeting and activation capabilities, ensuring optimal performance and effectiveness and if needed or desired improved the CAR functionality.

R&D Grade Production in GLP Laboratories

ImmunSkills provides comprehensive process development and production services at the R&D grade within our GLP-certified laboratories. This ensures you have ample, high-quality material to facilitate your pre-clinical studies. Through collaborations with highly recognized players in the industry, we guarantee rapid, precise, and cost-effective development of cell-based products, aligning with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Clinical and Commercial Production

Leveraging partnerships with entities possessing cGMP facilities, coupled with our upcoming cGMP facilities, ImmunSkills assures production in compliance with cGMP standards. This approach guarantees the provision of sufficient, safe, and efficient materials swiftly and cost-effectively. Our adept team will develop and customize all necessary release tests for your specific applications, enhancing the probability of IND approval while maintaining the highest safety and efficacy standards for your products.